WPSMARTCONTRACTS Ethereum blockchain technology for WordPress


WPSMARTCONTRACTS Ethereum blockchain technology for WordPress

Create Smart Contracts on your website.

Create ERC-20 tokens in ethereum network from a single interface.
Have your own Block Explorer in your website.
Empower your users with a fully featured wallet.


Create Distributed Applications built with Ethereum Solidity Language without the need to be a developer.


Create your own Token with Wordpress intuitive & easy to use interface. Flexible and powerful tools to interact with your Contract.


Take advantage of Ethereum trustworthy Blockchain: Confidentiality, Privacy, and Secure Smart Contract Execution for your own projects and business.

The Power of Ethereum + Wordpress

Connect Ethereum Blockchain with Wordpress using Metamask. This provides a frictionless experience to create decentralized tokens.

Choose your favorite ERC-20 token flavor and customize it to your needs using a visual interface.
Try your Smart Contracts in the Testnet before going live without spending real Ether.
Deploy your contracts in the Ethereum mainnet when you are ready.


All you need to know to create and setup your website, tokens and block explorer.


Easily create your token in testnet or main ethereum network


Create a powerful and easy to use block explorer and wallet for your tokens

WP Smart Contracts FAQs

What is Wordpress?
Wordpress is the most popular and flexible content management system in the world. If you have a Wordpress site you can use our plugin to manage your smart Contracts, otherwise, you can create your tokens online right here in this page.
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What is Ethereum?
Ethereum is an open blockchain platform made to run decentralized applications (smart contracts) worldwide. With fast and low-cost transactions.
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What is an ERC-20 Token?
ERC-20 is a standard that implements a token interface. That allow to store, receive and transfer units of value (tokens). A token can be a cryptocurrency a certificate of property or any representation of value.
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What are the minimum requirements?
You only need a Browser compatible with Metamask (Chrome, Mozilla and Brave at the moment) and the extension or add-on properly installed.
What is a ERC-20 Vanilla token?
The Vanilla token flavor is a standard ERC-20 token implementation focused on gas saving, meaning that the users of your token will spend the minimum amount of ether in each transaction. This is recommended for personal or small projects.
What is a ERC-20 Pistachio token?
The Pistachio token flavor is a standard ERC-20 token implementation focused on security. This implementation improves the security of the smart contract, considering edge cases. This is recommended for public, valuable or sensitive tokens.
What is a ERC-20 Chocolate token?
The Chocolate token flavor is a standard Pistachio ERC-20 token implementation, so this is also focused on security, but also it has some advanced features for token management like ability to burn or mint tokens and pause/resume token activity.
Is Wordpress a secure platform to interact with smart contracts?
Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world, and for the same reason is a target for exploits and attacks of every kind. If you know what you are doing Wordpress can be a really secure platform. But to protect the users, WP Smart Contracts plugin never touch your private keys. All this work is handled by Metamask browser extension. Which is a very reputable wallet-tool in the market that allows you to safely interact with smart contracts.
Is Ethereum secure?
Ethereum is the leader in smart contracts platforms and is really strong and secure, but using a smart contract that hasn’t been properly tested and audited can compromise your project and your funds. In WP Smart Contracts we use only community audited smart contracts that have been proven to be trustworthy and safe.
Are my private keys safe?
Yes, WP Smart Contract never touch your private keys. They are safely stored in Metamask, which is a very reputable wallet-tool in the market that allows you to safely interact with smart contracts.
Are the smart contracts audited?
Yes, our contracts are based on OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys implementations of ERC-20 Tokens, both sets of contracts have been extensively audited and used by the ethereum community for years. Also, WP Smart Contracts plugins deploy your contracts and make them openly visible and auditable in a very well recognized Ethereum explorer.
Can I test my tokens before going live?
Absolutely, you can give a try to your contracts in the test network of your preference and then, when you are ready, you can deploy your contracts to the main ethereum network.
What are the fees?
Deploy contracts to any test network is free, you only will need some test-ether that can be obtained freely using faucets.

But if you are planning to use the token in the main ethereum network then you will need to pay a small amount of Ether to cover:

* Deploy fee (0.1 Ether)
* Gas fee


If you want to create your Ethereum token online without any hassle, you are in the right place.

Empower your project with your own cryptocurrency, a digital certificate of property or any representation of value you can imagine.